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What do you do to try to be sustainable?

Sustainability is extremely important to me. It can be hard to be a printmaker and to work sustainably, but I do my best. 

Some of the things I do:

  • Vegan inks (Cranfield Caligo Safe Wash- made from vegetable oils with sustainable supply chain, and Versacraft ink pads)

  • Biodegradable plastic bags to protect my prints

  • Recycled greyboard backing 

  • Avoiding plastic packaging wherever possible

  • Eco-friendly stickers and stationery supplies


International orders

Please note that there may be additional customs charges for you to pay in order to receive your print. I am not responsible for paying these.

Unlike larger online marketplaces like Etsy, the seller does not collect customs fees on behalf of the governments at checkout. Instead, these charges will need to be paid before the item can be collected.

If preferred, I recommend international buyers to purchase prints via my Etsy, where the customs taxes will be calculated for you and paid in advance.

UK orders

  • I post orders placed on my website via the 48 hour tracked Royal Mail service.

Prints and Editions

How many prints are there?

Unless otherwise stated as being a limited edition print, all of my prints are open editions.

One of the reasons I love printmaking is that it can be affordable art for everyone, and so by keeping my editions open, this means I can keep creating original art for everyone, at an affordable price.

Why are some prints limited edition?
This might be down to the time it took to make the print, the nature of the process (reduction printing by it's very nature prevents you making any more prints!) or just because I feel that the print is special and deserves to be art of an edition. 
Some prints will be in editions that will be created in other colours over time.  


While I do my utmost to get a perfect print, the nature of lino often means there are small imperfections or marks. I also use handmade paper which can have some small marks. 

If you are not happy with your order, then please do let me know!
I'll always be happy to send another print, or to accept a return. I can't cover shipping for returns.

Something else?

Thanks for getting in touch!


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